Wanted: sustainability events

Last year, Greenager+ had the opportunity to attend a number of sustainability events and agricultural chains.

So we had the opportunity to pitch to the Klimaatparlement Limburg at Alden Biezen in Bilzen. With success, because that’s where we were provided with some missing puzzle pieces to get one step further in our sustainability story.

We were present in the Netherlands at the Biobased versnellingsdag in Colijnsplaat (Zeeland) and at the We Grow event in Kamerik (Utrecht). Useful contacts were also made there with a view to further development;

At the Inspiration Day “from green waste to building materials” in Geraardsber, we were able to show in detail how far we have come and realized that we also need to focus on residual streams such as roadside grass and straw.

We were also present at events organized by agricultural chains such as at Miscanthus Agri in Haaren and at the Agrarisch Forum in De Moer. This allowed us to establish collaborations with agricultural chains.

We also want to be actively present in 2024, which is why we are looking for such events. We want to show that it should and that it can be done. Circularity in construction is not a doom story, but a do story and then it becomes a flower story. April 20 we will be present at the Chain meeting Healthy Building in Gelderse Valley (Building Balance) at Voorthuizen and April 21 at the Inspiration afternoon for Utrecht housing cooperatives Province of Utrecht together with RWO and Building Balance) in Utrecht.

Finally, we would like to pass along that we participate in such events free of charge and are also willing to give lectures on circularity, sustainability and bio-based building to schools, construction organizations and agricultural chains.

We are also looking for parties for Flanders who want to set up a chain with us.

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