Greenager +
helps develop innovative, circular and climate-friendly solutions for construction projects.

Insulating mortars

The main (read 100% honest) approved insulation mortars are often developed by Greenager +.


Sustainable, bio-based building applications

Since 01/01/2023, there are standards to allow bio-based products to be used in construction.

Circular screeds

Innovative, circular and climate-friendly screeds developed by Greenager +.

Circular flow mortars

Greenager + uses climate-friendly binders and recycle materials as fillers in our fluxing mortars.

Circular foam concrete

Greenager + has succeeded in reducing the cement content and making it low-CO2.

Support and accessories

Greenager + is committed to circularity, climate friendliness, CO2 reduction and/or working comfort.

We possess all the knowledge to guide you from a to z.


Why should you choose us?

Climate Friendly
About Greenager +

Commit to circularity

The primary focus is on circularity, climate friendliness, CO2 reduction and/or working comfort. If you are looking for support for an innovative building product, we would like to participate .



a new milestone for GREENAGER+

Since 01-01-2023, there are new standards for bio-based construction. After much research, consultation with relevant agencies and more clarity regarding certification, LCA (life cycle analysis)

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