Johan Strackx
Consulting & Sales

Tel: +32 472 99 20 60

About us


Innovation driver behind GREENAGER + is Johan Strackx, active in the construction industry since 1980.

In the early 1990s, we started focusing on climate friendliness and working comfort. Initially on thermally insulating mortars, later on acoustic and fireproof insulation, wall insulation, screeds, flow mortars and building systems.

More and more focus was placed on climate friendliness, carbon neutrality, circularity and the elimination of cement and new materials.

In the meantime, we make numerous products based on lime and biobinders and use more and more bio and recycled materials and waste streams as fillers.

We develop and/or assist in development.
We do not sell these products ourselves.
We develop, fine-tune and support the products and/or deliver usage rights for them.

Johan Strackx

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