Insulating mortars

Underlying the success of Greenager + is the development of thermally insulating mortars based on EPS (Airpop) and cement.

The premier (read 100% honest) approved insulation mortars are often developed by Greenager +.

This development has not stood still, and we are currently making it more climate-friendly:

  • With less cement (eco-binders where cement is replaced by hydrating residual streams and/or by lime)
  • 100% lime-based
  • With bio-binders

A number of these new generation mortars are now recognized:

  • Greenbead (heat transfer resistance 0.042) EPB recognized
  • Iso-Poly (calculation value 0.041)
  • Isodec bead low budget mortar with 0.045 as value) EPB approved
  • Frinsu Insulation (to Dutch standard) value 0.045 BCRG and ISDE

Such mortars are now available in fire class A2 (with incorporation of vermiculite and in fire class A1 (perlite).

By now (2024) there are standards and regulations to make these products bio-based as well. We refer to our section on “Sustainable; bio-based construction applications.
New (2024) is that we can now offer our EPS mortars with aerogel incorporation. This allows us to improve the insulation value by +/- 10% and even a calculation value of 0.036 is achievable, at an additional cost.

Other mortars are under development and awaiting interest from manufacturers or processors

  • Lime-based with values up to 0.038
  • With recycling materials with values up to 0.041
  • In higher strengths up to 1 newton
  • With flexible Bio-binders (down to 0.032)
  • With Bio-foam, cork, hemp and recycle cork
  • Fire-resistant (A2 and A1) with perlite and vermiculite (natural insulation)
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