Greenager + is at the forefront of product development.
First and foremost, however, is the commitment to circularity, climate friendliness, CO2 reduction and/or working comfort.

If you are looking for support for an innovative building product, we would be happy to help.

Greenager + is recognized by the Flemish Government as an external expert in circular building applications. Greenager + also followed the Circular Business Design Track in the Netherlands.
We also have extensive experience in applying for development grants (Belgian – Dutch and European support).

Greenager + prefers to innovate with climate-friendly binders, some of which it has developed itself.

  • Eco-binders
    With up to 60% cement reduction (incorporation of hydrating and/or carbinating residual streams)
  • Lime-based
  • On the basis of (bio-)polymer
  • Based on (bio)glue

To ensure quality on the one hand and to provide maximum protection to its customers, Greenager+ has its own range of excipients and complementary products to offer its innovations as a system .

  • Excipients :
    Stabilizers / plasticizers
    Drying accelerators
    Hydrophobic/imprig lake agents
    Processing plasticizers
    Foam improvers
    Biohydrophobic/impriglare agents
    Cement Optimizer
    Epoxy sealer
Randisolatie van suikerriet
  • Complementary products
    Compostable flame retardant
    Bio edge insulation (sugar cane)
    Recycle floor film
    Bio reinforcement ( Kenaf plant)
    Durable reinforcement (Basalt)
  • And we are in direct connection with multiple chains for supplying fiber, both hemp and miscanthus, mammoth grass, kiri wood and poplar as well as residual streams such as straw and roadside grass.
Bio vezels kenaf
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