a new milestone for GREENAGER+

Since 01-01-2023, there are new standards for bio-based construction.

After much research, consultation with relevant agencies and more clarity regarding certification, LCA (life cycle analysis) and Cradle to Cradle and the concept of bio-based, we can finally start working with numerous bio products.

Together with our partners, especially WeLL Design from Utrecht (Nl), some bio applications are going to become reality.

As of 02-04-2024, we effectively engage in:

  • Insulation boards and insulation moldings from fibers coming from hemp and miscanthus
  • Hardboard and MDF variants made from bio fibers (hemp, miscanthus and kiri wood)
  • A lime/hemp insulation mortar as a bio alternative to our cementitious EPS mortar
  • An organic foam concrete based on lime and finely ground kiri wood as an alternative to our foam concrete.

As of 02-04-2024, we will start scaling up and we hope to go into the market with these products this year.

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